Born 1983 in Hamburg, Germany
Lives and works in Columbia, Missouri (USA)
  Master of Arts, Art Therapy, Weissensee School of Art, Berlin
  Master’s Degree in Fine Art (Meisterschüler), University of the Arts, Berlin
2009   Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Art (Absolvent), University of the Arts, Berlin
Two-Person Exhibitions
2016   Mutterboden, The Stone Space, London
2009   Regards croisés sur la jeune création Franco-Allemande, Goethe Institute and Théâtre des Asphodéles, Lyon
Selected Group Exhibitions
2021   Glut, curated by Leiko Ikemura, Kunsthalle Trier, Trier (forthcoming)
2020   Domestic Interiors, Stay Home Gallery (online)
    Painting at Night, curated by Allison Reimus, Fort Houston, Nashville (TN) 
2019   Crocodile Tears, curated by Kate Mothes, Morgan Fine Arts and Film Center, Brooklyn (NY)
2018   Restraint & Limitation, curated by Matt Ballou, Elder Gallery, Nebraska Wesleyen University, Lincoln (NE)
2017   Wish you were here, curated by Sarah Arriagada, Raum Linksrechts, Hamburg
2016   30° Celsius, curated by Bruce Stinson, ASC Gallery, London
2015   Space Between, The Stone Space, London
    ZAP Summer Exhibition, Bond House Gallery, London
    AUA – Auf und Ab (im Kunstmarkt), Westwerk, Hamburg
    Open CueB 2015, CueB gallery, London
2014   Sublime, Kunsthalle am Hamburger Platz, Berlin
2010   This Is Red, curated by Leiko Ikemura, Halle Zehn, Cologne
2009   SWAN Day (Support Women Artists Now), Berlin
2012   Bow Arts Trust, Work-Live-Scheme in Balfron Tower, London
2020   Interview with Sarah Arriagada, Young Space, March 27, 2020
2017   One-to-one Mentoring Sessions, a-n The Artists Information Company, Newcastle and London
2009   Grant for the painting class of Hiroko Nakajima at PENTIMENT Summer Academy, Hamburg
2008   ERASMUS Grant for the Undergraduate Course in Environmental Art, Glasgow School of Art
Teaching Experience
  German School Association, London. Art Teacher for the grades 5 to 10; Courses taught: Color theory, painting, sculpture and object making (clay, papier-mache, plaster, assemblages), visual story telling (drawing, photography), drawing (still life, portrait, the human figure), color perspective, linear perspectives, printing (screenprinting, monotype/monoprint, frottage, decalcomanie; relief printing: linocut; intaglio printing: etching), graphic design, architecture, and art history.
2008-2009   University of the Arts Berlin. Student Assistant of Prof. Leiko Ikemura. Responsibilities: Contact person for external and internal enquiries, organization and facilitation of critiques and other meetings.
2006-2009   University of the Arts Berlin. Student Assistant of Prof. Dr. Robert Kudielka. Responsibilities: Making and showing of the slides for Prof. Dr. Robert Kudielka’s art historical and philosophical lectures.