Sarah Arriagada applies layers of acrylic and oil paint onto carefully sewn small and medium scale canvases to create paintings that refer to the domestic sphere. Colors and shapes throw each other into sharp relief, suggesting flattened spacial elements such as partly obscured windows, doors and room corners.

Her paintings’ compositions mediate boldly between fragmentation and unity. They allude to plane designs such as quilts and other stitched and patched handwork from the private realm. They refer to experiences of separation and the growing of new constellations. Repeating patterns navigate between harmony and syncopation, a shifting or displacement of beat as most often found in Jazz music.

The ruptures found in her vibrant works exude a light, playful quality as she brings seams, hues and figures into collisions that create new and surprising sensations. Arriagada’s dynamic painted surfaces invite active looking and open up intimate spaces, rich in texture, luminosity and association.