I work across multiple disciplines but primarily in painting, referring to the domestic sphere while applying layers of acrylic paint onto carefully sewn small-scale canvases. Colors and shapes throw each other into sharp relief, suggesting architectural elements such as partly obscured windows, doors and room corners as well as flat compositions suggesting quilts and other stitched and patched handwork from the private realm.

These bold yet delicate compositions mediate between fragmentation and unity. They refer to experiences of separation and the growing of new constellations. There is a strong sense of rhythm in my paintings: repeating shapes and colors navigate between harmony and syncopation, a shifting or displacement of beat as most often found in Jazz music.

My interest in domesticity in a world of constant change and migration informs my entire practice. My colorful, mixed media works exude a light, playful quality as I bring everyday materials into collisions that create new and surprising sensations; I disrupt textures and scales as patterned cloth morphs into slickly glazed ceramic, while collaged hard surfaces become design prototypes for soft, hand knotted rugs.

With my work, I want to keep the discussion around migration, heritage, race, gender and domesticity complex and visually stimulating. I hope to create dynamic surfaces that invite active looking and open up intimate spaces, rich in color, texture and association.